On October 1, 2011, CRC provided a special one-day training program for first-year law students at the University of Chicago Law School. Afterwards, the Dean wrote "the evaluations were great and the students 'loved' George, who answered questions during lunch, stayed after and was very patient.  Thanks George!!!"

In February and March, 2012, CRC provided special 3-hour "upgrade" sessions for Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook) for several hundred employees of the Safer Foundation. Their Human Resources department provided the following feedback:

  1. Great presentation!

  2. I want to learn more.

  3. How to incorporate this to my daily work schedule.

  4. Need more hours of training! Too much material to cover in timeframe given. Need more hours! Great facilitator!

  5. The class was very knowledgeable.

  6. A great presenter and very informative in delivery.

  7. Training was great. Very helpful.

  8. The class was excellent. Thank you.

  9. Ability gauged prior to class and instruction designed to provide the most effective instruction.

  10. Very informative - Learned a lot!

  11. Great information and instructor. Thanks.

  12. I really enjoyed the training. I was made aware that there are numerous functions in Microsoft. I am ... knowledgeable.

  13. George is an extremely knowledgeable person who can teach what he knows! Love'd him!

  14. More on spreadsheets.

  15. I loved the training w/Mr. Rumsey!

  16. Excellent presentation.

  17. Perhaps some screen shares and less text to explain points in handouts, but overall, it was excellent information. I learned a lot.

  18. Good examples of Excel functionality that will be very useful

  19. Excellent class. Information was very interesting and useful!

  20. The overall training was very helpful and educating.

  21. Do not change anything…just Great!